Do not miss-understand by his name; he IS a master of the sword. Advertisements

Prince of Persia 5

The artwork being inspired from, guess what, “Prince of Persia”. I just painted myself for a change…


Juna’s lifestyle is on the road. Yet he really loves it. Through the scorching deserts andfreezing icelands; he knows all of the un-urban.

MJM 1 Tower (Bahrain)

Another building to be constructed right near Blue Marine Tower by the same company. This architectural walk through was another milestone being HD 1280×720 resolution. Notice the Blue Marine Tower right beside it. A new Accomplishment. Hope you like it.

Josh Sidal

Member of  secret rebelion against NSA Non-Soviet Alliance. Post apocliptic – Assasin – Leader for just a buch of people – Intelectual level : not much


Tribes of the bast had really strange customs.