Green Room

Well, not so green room after all, its where the beautiful news hostesses sit, while waiting for their ques 🙂   Advertisements


Have a look at the 3D of it here

Runner Test Via 3D

This was a quick test by me and my Dear friend Haseeb To determine how fast a run-cycle from 3D can be infused in a pipeline, Notice the to and fro motion of the shoulder, when a cylindrical rotation has to be achieved in 2D puppet tools, its very tough / and time consuming as…

Rajhastani Facades

Ok, this is how you learn: “Learn from experience, and let the experience teach you”… says who, who? Dr. who? Think of something and do it over the weekend. Usually i have to curse myself to not play any social game or watch an episode from a random season for, but when it ALL comes…

Arches for Printing

This is for the backdrops of a tv channel show, love how they all are the same yet different at the same time, maybe part of the same building Hope you like them too… feel free to comment and share

BNH Facade

With the curtsy of Neo and Inoui Designs.

Chocolate Box

Just a small quick thing… With the courtesy of Neo and Inoui Designs.

Got Published

How good is for an artist to be recognized and published… Here are some images for my article published this month in a well known gulf architectural magazine “Arabian Homes”. Thanks for all of my friends for all the support. Special thanks to Miriam Cox. Click here to download the PDF.


A premium address on the Reef Island. This project was another breakthrough, video out being HD i.e. 1280×720 A lot of hard work again… Reef Island – A gated community with wide array of amenities including five-star hotel, marina and yacht club, an aquarium, a well care center, a shopping mall, and a multi-function exhibition…