Rajhastani Facades

Ok, this is how you learn: “Learn from experience, and let the experience teach you”… says who, who? Dr. who? Think of something and do it over the weekend. Usually i have to curse myself to not play any social game or watch an episode from a random season for, but when it ALL comes…

Lumion Test

Felt like checking out this real-time engine for Arch Viz. Result: Yes we can, if there is such a project where we need to simulate weather, or underocean life etc… maybe cattle in the fields *fingers crossed

White Villa Exterior Boundarywall

For the reason its a residential project, shall be referred as “White Villa”… The Washroom perspectives done earlier, belong to the same project. With the courtesy of Neo and Inoui Designs.

The first work at my new place.

Though this project is in a very early stage; but i just wanted to upload an image to show the amount of work… Hope you like it.

Lake city Garden Enclave

So, in order to make the concept of, ” there cannot be good archviz in Lahore” and “all the clients have to go to karachi for a nice walkthrough”, we pushed our boundaries, invested all heart and soul; and after rigorous work by the team and me, we ended up with ( I must say…