Playing With Zombies

There must be some artwork floating around based on zombies, one might think where they come from. So here you go: Advertisements

DAH (Character Concept Phase)

There has been and will be enough secrecy, what is this project about… The people involved would like to keep it this way 🙂

Main aur Mere Dost (AKA : Me and My Friends)

Technically being very late to update my blog, still being able to change the “publish on” as a moderator:) So… this was the 2012 ending, and start of 2013 (and the world did not end on 2012 ha ha mayans!!!) Main aur Mere Dost is a 3D animated series, it aims to create social awareness…

The Medic

Combine all the days and nights away from civilization; living wounded; at times far at the sea just to keep safe some mice on the ship for later – to eat; having no loving emotion; wounded, scorched and deshaped; then have to leave the battlegrounds and hide and change identity because of a curse; now…

The Mimphs

They are bounty hunters from a moon thousands of lightyears away. Because of their spying nature, no one really trusts them. Hense they are the last option for the job.


Who thought they would find adinosaur with a bigger brain than a peanut. Not only it can decide between walking on two legs or four; it can use its arms and hands… rather… un-dinosaur like.


Do not miss-understand by his name; he IS a master of the sword.

Prince of Persia 5

The artwork being inspired from, guess what, “Prince of Persia”. I just painted myself for a change…


Juna’s lifestyle is on the road. Yet he really loves it. Through the scorching deserts andfreezing icelands; he knows all of the un-urban.