Playing With Zombies

There must be some artwork floating around based on zombies, one might think where they come from. So here you go:

DAH (Character Concept Phase)

There has been and will be enough secrecy, what is this project about… The people involved would like to keep it this way 🙂

Rajhastani Facades

Ok, this is how you learn: “Learn from experience, and let the experience teach you”… says who, who? Dr. who? Think of something and do it over the weekend. Usually i have to curse myself to not play any social game or watch an episode from a random season for, but when it ALL comes…

Concept Rickshaw

Rickshaw rough sketches, do show quick execution, it was a half an hour job Miss doodling… no that just how someone sings 🙂

The Medic

Combine all the days and nights away from civilization; living wounded; at times far at the sea just to keep safe some mice on the ship for later – to eat; having no loving emotion; wounded, scorched and deshaped; then have to leave the battlegrounds and hide and change identity because of a curse; now…


Haris, is just a myth. I mean, what kind of ruler and barbaric warrior can have no blood on his hands; or have no dark secrets… So he is the person who is so victorious looking even during the war, people can look back at their king and say… “as if its peace already –…