Arches for Printing

This is for the backdrops of a tv channel show, love how they all are the same yet different at the same time, maybe part of the same building Hope you like them too… feel free to comment and share

Concept Rickshaw

Rickshaw rough sketches, do show quick execution, it was a half an hour job Miss doodling… no that just how someone sings 🙂

White Villa Hard Furnishing

This project has been on board, as i say, since the dawn of mankind… After Hundereds of renders literally, this gives us a better understanding of how the ceilings would be. Again, These are just the options and should be takes as a teaser, rest of the place is comming up awesome. I shall upload…

BNH Facade

With the curtsy of Neo and Inoui Designs.

White Villa Exterior Boundarywall

For the reason its a residential project, shall be referred as “White Villa”… The Washroom perspectives done earlier, belong to the same project. With the courtesy of Neo and Inoui Designs.

Maya Arabella Kuwait Interior

Guys, i tried raising the bar here, lots of modeling, unwrapping and texturing… now we have all the Maya produce in 3D, Notice the ribbons attached, and the new smiley cups from Maya. With the curtsy of Neo and Inoui Designs.

Maya Al-Ain

With the curtsy of Neo and Inoui Designs.