Demo Fall\Winter 2009

Landmark Media is an offshore animation studio for developing content art creation, architectural visualization and e-design solutions. I feel really proud of what i accomplished at landmark Media. Hope you like it. Advertisements

Demo Fall\Winter 2008

Following is my demo for my work up till end of 2008 primarily focusing on Architectural design, and some character ideation too With regards to the animators who animated my characters for me, and every one who supported.

Demo Spring\Summer 2008

Following was my earlier edit for a demo reel, got to long for a reel though. So i shall upload the smallest size at least viewable on first click, lol. Majorly composed of my earlier work regarding concept art, character design and ideation, creatures etc. Focusing on game design majorly, though it includes story boarding…

Lake city Garden Enclave

So, in order to make the concept of, ” there cannot be good archviz in Lahore” and “all the clients have to go to karachi for a nice walkthrough”, we pushed our boundaries, invested all heart and soul; and after rigorous work by the team and me, we ended up with ( I must say…